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Workforce Transformation Strategies for Automotive Industry 


*2020 Czech Republic and Slovakia

Evolving smart factories and mega-trends toward secure connectivity, EVs and AVs, cooperative competition and mobility-as-a-service

Automotive is changing fast. Even faster.
What steps have you taken to prepare your workforce for the future? 

Questions for your organisation

  • Do you have the right people strategy to deliver business results?

  • Have you got the most effective approach to transforming

    your workforce?

  • Are you getting the most out of your current talent (ensuring growth, employability, and mobility)?

  • How can you provide a better experience for those who have been selected to leave the organisation?


#car ownership

“Industry execs believe 50% of consumers will not want to own a car by 2025.”



“67% of execs believe that by 2030 less than 5% of global car production will originate in Western Europe."



“It is clear that leaders change culture – any transformation therefore has to start with changing the mindsets of existing leaders and finding new leaders that get you to thepromised future.”

Make your own
four transformation imperatives checklist:

1. Do you attract, engage, retain and mobilise your talent by offering agile career development with upskilling and reskilling opportunities for all career stages?

2. Do you identify internal current and future skills gaps and reskill and upskill adaptable,

growth-minded or qualified individuals to fill them?

3. Do you empower employees to reinvent themselves and take ownership of their futures through

focused career management and modern reskilling initiatives. (e.g. Bootcamps)


4. Do you enable of better outcomes for exiting employees by combining reskilling with personal branding support, expert career coaching and more connections to jobs.

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