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Děkujeme za Váš zájem o průlomový webinář kombinující 

AI modely nových skills a praktická témata budoucnosti světa práce.

Od lídrů pro lídry. 

Join Mike Priddis, CEO of Faethm, a globally unique AI platform, and Ranjit de Sousa, President, LHH, for a fascinating discussion about dynamic forces impacting businesses, such as AI, COVID-19 and Robotics, and how these forces are driving a big skill shift and reshaping the human experience at work. 

The jobs of the future demand new capabilities. Companies are under increasing pressure to quickly identify and nurture a 21st century workforce that can fill these new roles. Yet, while companies struggle to find skilled talent, within each organization exists untapped talent. How can companies help their people reinvent themselves and reach their full potential? In this conversation,


Mike and Ranjit will discuss:

  • How seismic forces are changing the very nature of work

  • Ways COVID-19 is accelerating the transformation curve

  • Which roles are most vulnerable and which are most promising

  • What are the highest priority skillsets

  • Creating pathways for development that makes your people fit for future

  • Why organizations are committing to the growth and development of their people


Fit for Future Workforce

that Puts People First 

How AI may helps leaders create pathways for development that makes people fit for future​


Thursday, September 10, 202

3:00 PM – 4:00AM (Prague Time)

  45  minutes 

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Ranjit de Sousa 


Mike Priddis

CEO of Faethm

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